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Town Board Meeting

Agenda for Conesus Town Board
Regular Meeting Tuesday June 6, 2023
Regular Meeting 7:00 P.M.
Town Board will be reviewing vouchers at 6:30pm -7:00pm

Call to Order: Supervisor Wester
Pledge of Allegiance: Councilman Fama
7:00: Start of Regular Business Meeting.

7:05: Open Public Hearing
Hearing LL #4 Solar/Battery &
LL #5 Reimbursement of Consultant Fees.
The public has 3 minutes to speak.
Close Public Hearing

7:30 Privilege of the Floor:
Recognition of Seniorama Award Recipients Steve and Brenda Donohue
Recognition of Teen Award
Audrey de Wit
Rian de Wit
Maddox Olsen

7:35: Announcements and Communications:
• Next Regular Town Board meeting June 20, 2023.

7:40: Approval of Minutes:

7:45: Reports of Town Officials:
• Quarterly C.L.E.A.N. Recycle Report; Councilman/Deputy Supervisor Sparks
• Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Wester
• Town Clerk’s Report: Deputy Clerk Carlson
• Assessor’s Report.
• Code Enforcement Report.
• *Highway Report: Highway Superintendent Marusiak.

7:50: dates on Key Issues:
• Councilman Fama: Conesus Lake Association Representative.
• Liv Co./Town Planning Board: Supervisor Wester.
• Town ZBA: Councilman Corrigan.
• Liv Co. BOS/ LCWS/GLOW Solid Waste: Supervisor Wester

8:00: Unfinished Business: Subject to change: 2023 Continued Projects Status Reports/Strategic Plans:
• *Highway Facility Repairs ARPA Funds-Marusiak-Wester.
• Siding of Town Hall- Review revised bid packet and advertisement
• Update on revisions for the lease agreement for placement of Fiber Hut with Empire Access Broadband/Highspeed internet-Wester
• Update on repairing water main leak between water meter at Route 15 and restrooms.

8:15: New Business/Resolutions: Subject to change:
• Resolution to approve siding bid packet and public notice for bids advertisement.
• Resolution to pay BAR, Planning Board, and ZBA members stipends for 2022 meetings.
• Resolution to Adopt Proposed LL#4 Solar and BESS and Proposed LL#5 Reimbursement of Consultant Fees.

8:30: Public Comments
8:40: Ratify Abstracts: General and Highway Funds
Motion to Adjourn

Event location