Town Of Conesus

May 01, 2018: Regular Town Board Meeting

Table Of Contents:

Town Hall

6210 South Livonia Rd.

Conesus, NY  14435

Public Notice:


Town of Conesus


Please take notice that the Town of Conesus Town Board will hold its 2018 Regular Meetings on the first and third Tuesday of every month except as noted:

January:  9 & 23 (2nd & 4th) Tuesday)

February: 6 & 20

March:  6 & 22 (Thursday)

April:  3 & 17

May: 1 & 15

June:  5

July:  10

August:  7

September: 4 & 18

October 2 & 16

November:  8 (Thursday) & 20

December:  4 & 26 (Wednesday)



All Town Board Meetings will be held at the Town of Conesus Town Hall, 6210 South Livonia Rd., (Route 15) Conesus, NY 14435 unless otherwise posted with Regular Meetings commencing at 7:00pm and bill/voucher review at 6:30PM.



By Order of the Town Board

Annette M. McNinch

Town Clerk

Town of Conesus


Supervisor Donohue and Town Board members will be reviewing all vouchers for payment between 6:30 and 7:00 P.M. prior to each Board meeting.


Call to Order: Supervisor Donohue


Pledge of Allegiance: Councilman Wester


Announcements and Communications:

  1. The next meetings of the Conesus Town Board will be held on May 1, 2018 and May 15, 2018
  2. The Livingston County Board of Supervisors will hold the annual Seniorama recognition ceremony at York Central School on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  This wonderful event recognizes seniors who give back to their communities in a myriad of ways.  Congratulations to Dale and Brenda Eddy, this year’s honorees for the Town of Conesus, and many thanks for your service throughout the years! The biography of Dale and Brenda will be included in the next agenda.
  3. Watershed Education Series sponsored by the Conesus Lake Association is hosting a FLOOD INSURANCE training session for homeowners on May2nd at Vitale Park’s Chip Holt Nature Center commencing at 6:30 pm.  Everything you need to know about flood insurance will be covered by Jayme Breschard Thomman, a Senior Planner with the Genesee Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council.  The session is free, but space is limited.  To reserve a seat or for more information, call 243-7550 (Livingston County Planning Department) during normal business hours.
  4. As you may know, 2019 will be the Bi centennial of the Town of Conesus.  It is time to start planning now to celebrate this historic mile stone in our town’s history.  To do this, the Town Board would like to invite the groups and organizations as well as individuals that operate in our town to help in the planning.  Our first meeting will be held May 8, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall.  If you plan to attend, please contact Anita Martucio at 507-7221 or email   
  5. The Livingston County Teen Recognition Banquet and Awards Ceremony were held on April 25, 2018 at the Genesee River Hotel and Reception Center.  Two Conesus teens were honored at the Banquet:
  • Grace Jacobs is “Grace in Action”, kind, responsible and bright; her smile lights up a room. She is a tri-athelete and ranked 13th in her class. She leads by example being a mentor for younger students. Grace helps in Spanish class, helps the disabled students, and is very active in her church. She has already banked 62 community service hours this school year. Grace was selected as Dansville Representative for Empire Girls State last year acing her interviews and impressing the interview team. She is in National Honor Society, takes numerous college courses, plans to attend Alfred and pursue a career in Radiology. Grace definitely “stands up, stands out” among her classmates. - Phyllis Greene, Dansville Central School
  • Anna Krebbeks is the role model that you want every young person to look up to when making tough decisions. She is graceful, kind, hard- working, ethical and puts others before herself. When Livonia school started a kindness initiative to combat bullying, Anna was the first student that came to mind as someone who would be willing to help. She does a project once a month to spread goodness in the school. At a class meeting, Anna and her classmates recruited 16 friends spoke, handed out ideas to show kindness (like pick up paper, say thank you to a staff member, etc.) and asked her classmates to do them and then pass them on. She has a way of always making others feel included and cared for. Anna is one of the most well-liked and respected leaders in the Link Crew Program where juniors and seniors "adopt" freshmen. The freshmen adore her and appreciate that she goes out of her way to make them feel a part of the high school. Anna volunteers her time as the student director for the middle school musical. She is a member of the St. Matthew's youth ministry where she recently participated in the Souperbowl of Caring event where they made bread and soup to raise donations for local food pantries. She is a member of the varsity swim team and vice president of her class. Anna is a great example of what it means to lead with class, integrity and heart. -Terry D’Imperio, Teacher, Livonia Central School.

Approval of Minutes of Town Board Meeting dated April 17, 2018

Reports of Town Officials:

Clerk Report:  Clerk McNinch

  • April Clerk Report

Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Donohue

  • April Supervisor’s Report

Highway Report: Superintendent Martucio


Updates on Key Issues:

Conesus Lake:    Councilman Wester/ Charlie Braun, Conesus Rep. from Conesus Lake Association

Town Hall Maintenance and Improvement:  

  • Approval of a Resolution to award the proposal to re-seal the Town Hall parking lot to Robb Delisanti at a cost of $775 without line striping.  Livingston County Highway Department has agreed to do the line striping for $150.  Livingston Asphalt Sealers came in with a price of $850 plus $400 for striping, and Valley Asphalt and Sealing was quoted at $2300.                                  


Unfinished Business:


New Business:

  • Approval of a Resolution to contribute $250 to the Town of Livonia’s Sunday Night Concert Series.  This is the same amount we contributed last year.



Comments are welcome at this time.


Ratify Abstract: General and Highway Funds


Motion to Adjourn